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Lets face it, as far as your digital life is concerned, you are your data and your data is you. An attack on your data is an attack on you. Internet security, privacy protection and trust that your data is safe are no longer like-to-haves, they are need-to-haves. That’s why FN’s security software protects you no matter what websites you visit, what links you click or what apps you run. FN's got your back anytime, every time and everywhere

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A bold statement but we can easily back it up. How? Because FN’s security software actually works… In fact, our security solutions work so well that they stop all of the hacks you’ve been reading about in the paper every day, like identity theft via spyware and phishing, credit card theft and a whole lot more. FN’s security software even stops cloud threats like exploiting web applications to steal user data, like in the Sony and Citibank and LulzSec breaches. Sound too good to be true…well it’s not. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.


FN works with all the apps you love. »

Nobody likes change and with FN the good news is you don't have to. FN plays well with others. Just continue to use all of your favorite apps, but now securely and privately. No muss, no fuss. Like invisible body armor for your data and content, FN’s BitMaille™ technology works quietly in the background while you confidently go about your daily life.

For the enterprise our API’s and Server add-ons are plug and play pre-integrated for simple and easy deployment.

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Free protection of all your valuable data such as passwords and credit card numbers, as well as secure private social networking and communication via email and IM. Need more? Upgrade to FN’s bundled suite of security and privacy solutions. At approximately 1/10th the price of best of breed competitive solution stacks that’s radically affordable security you simply can’t afford to live without.

This feature will be available Spring/Summer 2012.

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